Welcome To Your Brighter Home Tile Cleaning

Are your tiled floors tired?  Not as bright as they once were? Welcome to A Brighter Home – Tile Cleaning for Floors and Walls.

We are a locally run specialist cleaning business providing quality service and value for money with over 20 year’s experience. Most of our business is for previously delighted clients and their friends and family. And because we provide several different cleaning services in your home, you only need to deal with one company.

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Using the latest steam technology and cleaning solutions we can remove the ingrained dirt, grease and limescale from your ceramic tiled floors and walls.

Our tiled floor cleaning process:

  • Pre-clean inspection to identify any areas of concern or existing faults
  • Pre-test to ensure safe to clean
  • Apply specialist pre-spray hard floor cleaning solution to all areas and agitate including grout to loosen and emulsify soiling
  • Deep clean using powerful high tech steam cleaning system to rinse and vacuum away waste
  • Re-colour and/or seal grout (if these services requested) to prevent future discoloration
  • Customer inspects and signs off job

Why Use Us?

  • Deep clean using the most high-tech equipment to leave your tiles sparkling clean!
  • Our steam technology kills bacteria and sanitises
  • Grout re-colouring and sealing service available
  • We can also clean other kitchen appliances such as fridges and freezers, soft furnishings such as carpets, upholstery, rugs, hard flooring such as ceramic tiles, mattresses and ovens and hobs.
  • Great discounts for using more than one of our services – click here to see multi service packages